Celebrating Sustainable Clients on Earth Day

Apr 21, 2023 | Client Success Story, Start-up Visa

At RGI, we not only help to bring the best and brightest entrepreneurs to Canada, but also the most innovative ideas for a better future.

This year on Earth Day, we are shining a spotlight on some of our clients who are making positive impacts on the environment. Here is who they are, and what they do:

Aurora Organics

Aurora Organics is a gender-neutral Ai-enabled organic skincare company that caters to BIPOC individuals with natural and sustainable products. The company aims to empower and celebrate BIPOC skin, while also reducing its environmental impact with eco-friendly packaging. Aurora Organics values inclusivity, innovation, and sustainability in its skincare solutions.

Severesense Building

Severesense designed a building oxygen detection system. This system commands ventilation systems as well as doors and windows of the building to open when a decrease in oxygen is detected. This artificial intelligence system will make repair services for cooling systems easier, faster and more cost effective. Most important of all, Severesense’s technology will decrease the amount of deaths due to gas poisoning, especially CO poisoning. 


OfficeCan is a company that aims to supply an underserved niche in the Canadian market: modular, prefabricated office spaces featuring high-speed networking capabilities. By adapting used shipping containers, OfficeCan will sell environmentally friendly, mobile spaces tailored to individual customers’ needs at ultra-competitive prices.

Top Sun Heating

This startup meets one of the main needs of the construction industry by using electric panels and filament heating systems. This system, with special features and new technology, consumes very little electricity. Top Sun uses materials that conduct heat which insulate electricity and eliminate the worries caused by an electric shock. Instead of having to heat the whole house, a heating panel like carpet is used to heat up the room you are in instead. It’s more energy efficient and much cleaner for the environment.

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