Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What kinds of businesses meet the criteria for a Startup Visa?

To meet the criteria for a Startup Visa, businesses must be innovative, scalable, provide employment to Canadians, and/or have the potential to become global. Examples of businesses that do not meet the criteria are: gas station, clothing store, a Canadian sales office of a company that is based outside Canada. Examples of business startups that would meet the criteria are: an innovative medical device, a specialized logistics company that will create numerous jobs, innovative software for which there is very little competition.

Q. How long do the BASE and RISE Programs take?

The BASE Program typically spans over a month. The RISE Incubator Program lasts three to five months. Both business incubator programs combined total from four to six months. Roseview continues to support clients through the RISE Accelerator Program as they launch their businesses and until they receive their PR cards. At this time, the entire program (BASE and RISE) is expected to take approximately 30 months, but this is subject to change depending on IRCC processing times.

Q. Will you provide me with a business plan?

No. Our programs are designed to guide you through creating and refining your business plan, based on your business idea. 

Q. What if I want to relocate to Vancouver or another city in Canada. Can you help me?

We are located in the Waterloo Region of Ontario, Canada. Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, our programs are currently being conducted virtually. However, once we are able to do so safely, we will resume our programs on an in-person basis and look forward to working with our clients face to face. We hope that participants will consider settling in our great region, however upon completion of our programs, there is no obligation to setup your business here. 

Q. Will I be able to purchase a house in Canada even with Canada's foreign homebuyers ban?

Yes, you will still be allowed to buy residential property in Canada, with exceptions. Once you obtain your Canadian permanent residency card or a temporary work permit, you are exempt from Canada’s foreign homebuyers ban.

Q. Is Roseview Global a designated organization?

Yes. Roseview Global is recognized by the Canadian government as an official designated organization under the Start-up Visa Program. 

Q. Do you provide legal/immigration/accounting services?

We would be pleased to introduce you to service providers in these types of areas. However, engaging with such professionals for your business is your responsibility. 

Q. Are there any additional costs?

Roseview charges no additional fees beyond the tuition costs. However, additional costs such as living expenses once you arrive in Canada and the costs of launching the business itself (facility rental costs, office expenses, salaries, business website, marketing costs, etc.) are the responsibility of the entrepreneur.

Q. I’m ready to start. How do I apply?

Please email us at and include an innovative business plan, the resumes of all team members and complete our Roseview program application form. Please explain your business goals and if you intend to apply under the Start-up Visa program. We will review the information you send us and discuss with you if we believe our programs can help you meet your goals.

Q. Can Roseview Global issue Letters of Support?

Yes. Roseview Global can issue Letters of Support to those who meet all requirements of our programs and successfully complete our programs. 

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