A recent client success story from Roseview Global Incubator

Oct 10, 2022 | Client Success Story

Green Sun Foods, a health food company from Peru, owned and managed by Maria Julia Perez Egaña, successfully launched in Canada.

Roseview Global Incubator is a designated organization under the Start-Up Visa Program, assisting global entrepreneurs realize their dreams of building, expanding, or buying companies in Canada.

Maria began Green Sun Foods in her home country of Peru, where she lived with her family. She has previous professional experience as an engineer. Maria wanted to reach a larger audience for her business and a better life for her family, so she decided to look at ways to bring her business to Canada.

Green Sun Foods produces healthy snacks made of superfoods with organic chocolate. The company offers healthy, sweet, and savory snacks with a high percentage of cacao. Maria’s vision is to be top of mind when people are thinking of 100% natural great snacks that are the best choice for the whole family.

When Maria was exploring options for bringing Green Sun Foods to Canada, she went through a number of angel investors and incubators until coming into contact with Roseview’s Rob Douglas. Maria speaks highly of her first interaction with Rob where she felt confident that Roseview would help with the next step in gaining her letter of support and her Start-Up Visa. Maria’s business was established in the Peruvian market but was not ready for the Canadian market. Roseview offered support and direction right away.

Through Roseview, Maria gained an overall knowledge of the Canadian market.

Roseview helped me to understand the market I was trying to reach. They helped me understand how to run a business and how I can start in Canada,” Maria says.

Mariacredits Roseview for connecting her to lawyers, bankers, accountants, warehouse contacts, and more.

Maria has been in Canada for three months and Green Sun Foods’ products are now available in 20 stores. She has recently partnered with a national distributor which will allow her to distribute her products to the full Canadian market.

Maria chose Waterloo Region, because it’s close to Toronto, but not as busy and fast-paced. She added it will be an easier cultural transition for her children.

It’s not far from Toronto, I’m there once a week!” Maria says.

“Roseview is proud to have worked with Maria in bringing Green Sun Foods and her family to Canada and for the continued connection we keep with Maria and all of our clients, ensuring long-term success in Canada”, Rob says.

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