Welcoming Clients to Canada

May 25, 2023 | Client Success Story

Welcome to Canada, Severesense

It’s always exciting to welcome one of our Start-up Visa clients to their new home! Roseview will continue to support and mentor them through our programs and beyond as they establish themselves in Canada. We have an exciting summer ahead as we also open up our summer cohorts – where we are accepting new applicants.

Along with welcoming Severesense, we would also like to congratulate them on this huge milestone.

Severesense was established in 2018 in Iran by three friends with a vision to save lives and prevent energy wastage. The company produces products using AI to reduce death and poisoning by detecting gasses such as carbon monoxide and managing energy consumption.

Severesense’s system assesses the amount of oxygen in a living space and sends an automatic alert to the user’s mobile phone when dangerous levels are detected. It subsequently works to increase oxygen until it reaches a standard grade. Severesense’s system for measuring the energy consumption of electrical devices detects any dip or surge in the electric currents and raises an alarm when it is at a dangerous level, preventing potential electrical fires. Additionally, Severesense has developed an innovative way to grow plants and save on energy with their Smart Greenhouse.

Roseview offers custom-tailored programs sharply focused on meeting the specific needs of Start-up Visa (SUV) applicants. Each program is delivered by subject matter experts, all seasoned business executives and business services.

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