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Sep 27, 2023 | Start-up Visa

Our impeccable track record of helping to build successful businesses in Canada can be linked back to one thing – our team of experts. From top to bottom, our team features a diverse portfolio of expertise that allows us to deliver comprehensive support for every client. Not only are we skillful, but we also CARE about our clients and their personal success and integration in Canada.

When a client joins our program, they are teamed up with mentors and subject-area experts to meet their unique set of needs at every step of the way. Leading the charge are our 3 Founders, Rob Douglas, Michael Dearden, and Melissa Durrell.

CEO Rob Douglas brings over four decades of experience working with early-stage companies as a mentor, business owner, and angel investor. Vice President of Strategy and Business Development, Michael Dearden, has over 30 years of experience in government relations and works with clients on issues concerning strategic planning and business plans. Vice President of Communications and Marketing, Melissa Durrell – from journalist to communications specialist – has helped countless founders fine-tune their message and raise millions of dollars towards their business goals.

Learn more about our leading team and mentors here. Watch this video:

To view a full list of our team members and mentors, visit our website here:

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