Meet Roseview Global Incubator’s CEO

Nov 24, 2022 | Letter of Support, Start-up Visa

Roseview Global is spearheaded by Rob Douglas – an experienced entrepreneur, owner, and partner in numerous successful private businesses and founder of the angel investor group, Golden Triangle Angel Network (GTAN). 

After over three decades as an entrepreneur, Rob’s passion for contributing to the economic growth of Canada led him to establish Roseview Global Incubator.  

Rob has a particular affinity for the early-stage entrepreneurial ecosystem. Match this energy with Canada’s continuing need to increase its population through immigration and you find a perfect opportunity for Rob and his team at Roseview Global Incubator to be a leading voice for Canada’s Start-up Visa (SUV) Program.

Despite Rob’s nation building attitude, he has a particular passion for the Waterloo Region, which is often referred to as Silicon Valley North. It is Rob’s goal to help international entrepreneurs establish 100 or more companies in the Waterloo Region over the next decade and add thousands of people to the area’s local workforce.

Roseview, under Rob’s guidance, is a designated organization under IRCC’s SUV program, giving it the authority to offer Letters of Support to promising international entrepreneurs which is the first step towards earning Permanent Residency in Canada as they establish new businesses in Canada. 

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