Same Goal, New Year: Backing Innovation for Global Entrepreneurs

Jan 18, 2024 | Start-up Visa

Welcome to 2024! It’s a new year, but our goal to launch successful businesses in Canada remains the same. 

Our specialty is helping international entrepreneurs pursue Canadian permanent residency through the Canadian government’s Start up Visa program (SUV). As a team of leading industry professionals, we use our extensive experience, skills, and knowledge to refine our clients’ business plans from ideation to executable launch. Our services at Roseview are comprehensive, meaning our team will assist you every step of the way, and provide connections and assistance with accounting services, lawyers, bankers, immigration consultants, and other professional service providers as required.

Check out some of the testimonials we received from our clients: 

“My background is in game design. I had no idea about running a business. Now I have financial support from investors. Roseview Global mentors us on how to run a business from scratch. They’ve guided me in managing the financing, the advertising, and much else. Roseview has helped me calculate everything – especially Don Thompson, he’s amazing. 

I started with Roseview about one year ago. I’ve learned a lot and applied it. Even with the economy going down this year, we’ve had many clients reach out to us in person for new opportunities. We built a community, and that’s what I’ve learned from Roseview.”

-Duy, of Danajoy, a valued client of Roseview Global Incubator

“I started with another company but decided to switch to Roseview because of our personal values. The new company, Roseview, is very different and detailed. They provide a lot of information, and they genuinely care about the clients. This matters a lot to me.

I’ve found the Roseview team to be highly competent. I feel comfortable asking questions, and I receive quick and valuable feedback. My projects are well-planned and thought-through. It’s the professionalism and dedication of Roseview that truly stand out. This is why I made the change.” 

– Joy, of Foundation of Jasper, a valued client of Roseview Global Incubator

Join our network of successful entrepreneurs by joining the first cohort of applications for 2024! To apply or learn more about if RGI is right for you and your innovative business, visit our website here:

As we look forward to the year ahead, we’re excited to continue supporting innovation from our international entrepreneurs!

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