Mike Dearden, Partner and Strategic Lead

Dec 12, 2022 | Start-up Visa

Mike Dearden – The Partner who greets applicants at Roseview Global Incubator.

When potential clients have their applications accepted, Mike Dearden is the first partner they meet on the Roseview team. He decides if candidates qualify for the Roseview program

“People who want to work with Roseview Global must have their own innovative business idea. Building a business takes a tremendous amount of work. Roseview Global will guide, advise and mentor our clients through the process. Our goal is to make your business a success which gives you the greatest opportunity to gain permanent residency in Canada” says Mike. 

Mike has contributed to generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for Canadian start-up businesses. 

An entrepreneur with 20 years of experience managing his own government relations firm, Mike strongly supports entrepreneurship and believes everyone should have the opportunity to run their own company. 

As the strategic lead, Mike’s passion is working with entrepreneurial companies to provide them with information on their market value and the opportunities that exist. All applicants to the Start-Up Visa program must be innovative, employ Canadians and be able to scale.

“The strength of so many of our clients is that they are international,” says Mike. “They already come from a home market that they understand very well.”

Many of Roseview’s clients make their initial sales abroad. 

International business owners have a real opportunity to learn and grow with Roseview Global. Businesses can create their product in Canada, access resources solely available to Canadian businesses, and in turn sell to their home markets: markets they are familiar with and where they have existing connections. It represents the best of both worlds. 

Click here to view Roseview Global’s application.

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