An Advantage for International Entrepreneurs

Dec 1, 2022 | Letter of Support, Start-up Visa

Companies with innovative ideas capture the market and gain success by telling their story, that’s where Roseview Global’s Partner and VP of Marketing & Communications, Melissa Durrell comes in. 

Durrell has spent the last ten years mentoring and pitch coaching with Communitech’s highly regarded Hyperdrive program, the world-renowned Accelerator Centre, Innovation Guelph, and a number of other companies through her PR agency, Durrell Communications. 

Melissa Durrell, Roseview Global Incubator’s Partner and VP of Marketing & Communications

Through her years of pitch coaching and investing as an angel investor at GTAN, Durrell was introduced to Rob Douglas (Roseview CEO) and Michael Dearden (Roseview Partner). The three launched Roseview Global Incubator – a designated organization under the Start-up Visa program. 

“They’re both incredible mentors. When two accomplished business people want to start a company with you, there’s only one answer…and that’s yes!” said Durrell.

Working to mentor start-ups, Durrell noticed more of the companies she was working with were struggling to find labour. Roseview Global saw a solution – bring competent, educated, tech founders into our country to help with our labour force and boost the Canadian economy. 

Roseview has a focused approach, working with only international entrepreneurs. There are 39 incubators across the country and only a few exclusively work with international applicants. 

Durrell works with international entrepreneurs accepted to Roseview programs to help establish them and their businesses in the Canadian market. 

“From a communications standpoint, it’s really about telling stories that resonate with people. All of these companies have amazing ideas, but many struggle to communicate their ideas,” said Durrell. 

Helping international entrepreneurs communicate what they do in the Canadian market gives them a great advantage when they come to Canada. 

For those looking to bring their businesses to Canada, Durrell has some tips! “Make sure you’re solving a real problem, that you’ve validated the problem and that you have a solution. Be sure that you understand the market you are going into and that you have a strong communication strategy.”

To learn more about Roseview Global and how to apply, click here.

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