Roseview Global: The Premium Global Business Incubator of 2023

Jan 23, 2023 | Letter of Support, Start-up Visa

With a new year comes new opportunities for the 465,000 immigrants expected to come to Canada in 2023.

Canada is a country that values immigration, since bringing entrepreneurs and skilled workers to Canada boosts the economy and provides more job opportunities for residents. This isn’t possible without investors and designated organizations.

Roseview Global is one of Canada’s Start-up Visa designated organizations. A premier business incubator, Roseview serves the needs of innovative international high-growth companies. In addition, Roseview provides letters of support to qualified applicants, which highly increases their success rate of receiving accelerated Canadian permanent residency.

Looking into the year ahead, Roseview will be accepting more clients than ever in industries from healthcare to artificial intelligence. We are also anticipating welcoming technological change-making innovations to the Canadian market from up-and-coming to established entrepreneurs across the globe.

What can our clients expect in 2023? Roseview has an ever-broadening network of clients and an incomparable business network through our top mentors and team. Clients and potential clients can expect their business to succeed through word of mouth and the right business connections to lawyers, distributors, markets and more. Canada’s goal is to break Canadian immigration records this year, focusing on skilled entrepreneurs who can build up the economy – this is the time to move!

What can an Immigration Consultant expect in 2023? The number of innovative global entrepreneurs applying to Canada is increasing. As a result, working with the right investor or designated entity is more important than ever. Choosing correctly will be crucial to the long-term success of the client and the health of the overall Canadian economy. Roseview helps vet the quality applicants with the greatest likelihood of success and prides itself on helping entrepreneurs bring their businesses and families to Canada, shaping the best Canada of tomorrow. Stay tuned as we continue to share insight for the year ahead. Also, follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook for regular updates on the Canadian Start-up Visa and Roseview Global Incubator.

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