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RISE Curriculum


Unit 1

Mission & Vision

  • Confirming the mission and values of the organization
  • Working with the CEO on an internal communications strategy and leadership growth

Unit 2

Ideation and Validation

  • Working with the founder on validation of the product or service
  • Exploring market fit opportunities while obtaining clarity around target audience

Unit 3

Target Market and Market Research 

  • Identify the market and research potential customers and stakeholders to partner with

Unit 4

Competitive Positioning

  • Understand the competition
  • Conduct feature assessments

Unit 5

Value Proposition/Sustainable Competitive Advantage

  • Product Positioning and SWOT Analysis 
  • Develop the Unique Value Proposition

Unit 6

Product Development

  • Begin to look at supply-chain and/or product development
  • Investigate manufacturing and development studies
  • Create a milestone schedule for product completion
  • Does the team need technical support or staff?

Unit 7

Sales and Marketing

  • Develop and complete the first draft of a Marketing and Communications strategy
  • This foundation will begin the process of a sales strategy and plan a product/service launch (i.e. Go To Market Plan)

    Unit 8

    Customer Relationship Management

    • Look at Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool

    • Begin an onboarding process

    Unit 9

    Building The Team

    • Developing employee agreements
    • Working with the founder on building the team

    Unit 10

    Legal and Governance

    • Addressing incorporation and general accounting knowledge

      Unit 11


      • Engage with an accounting firm

      • Become familiar with financial statements and expectations

      • Ensure the financial forecast is sufficient to sustain operations. 

      Unit 12


      • Research funding opportunities from government grants to equity

      Unit 13

      Elevator Pitch

      • Create an Elevator Pitch with clearly defined problem solution


      Our RISE accelerator program is the final element in the Roseview suite of programs. In this program, we coach you through the launch of your business. While we focus on similar topics covered in our incubator program, this phase is more specialized to meet the needs of your company.


      Our coaches and mentors conduct an analysis of the business plan you refined in our incubator. We determine your company’s strengths and weaknesses. We then customize a program to address the elements that are most important to your business. In addition to the topics covered in our incubator program, the accelerator also addresses:

      Investor readiness


      Customer experience


      Scalability and growth

      Our goal is the long-term sustainability of your business



      Key Deliverables:


      Transform MVP into an early stage company


      Sales and revenue positive


      Build your team and show organizational growth


      Define your goals and objectives for the next 3 years

      In all of our programs, your success is our success