BASE Presentations – $8,000 per person

BASE Workshops – Price depends on number of team members

1 team member – $8,000 per person

2 team members – $ 5,500 per person ($11,000 total)

3 team members – $4,667 per person ($14,000 total)

4 team members – $4,250 per person ($17,000 total)

5 team members – $4,000 per person ($20,000 total)

RISE Incubator – $2,000 per month per team 

RISE Accelerator – $2,000 per month per team

(all fees in CAD)


– All payments are due 2 weeks prior to program start date

– RISE program inclusions: minimum of 5 hours of mentoring   per month; office space and basic office services at The Hive for all enrolled team members

– RISE Programs are payable in 3 month segments, payable in advance

– We accept e-transfer, wire transfer, and credit card payments through Paypal

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