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BASE Curriculum


Unit 1


  • Welcome to the Roseview BASE Program
  • Meet your Program Founders and Mentors
  • Goal setting Questions

Unit 2


  • The Law – What you need to know when you own a business in Canada
  • An introduction to CanadianBusiness Corporations Act
  • Legal structure of corporations,contracts and the duties of directors and officers of corporations

Unit 3

Accounting and Banking

  • Introducing Canadian Accounting Practises and the Banking System
  • Gaining an understanding of accounting terminology and concepts 
  • Introduction to the Canadian banking system and raising capital from angel investors or private equity

Unit 4

Government in Canada

  • An introduction to the levels of government in Canada 
  • Who does what and why
  • Immigrating to Canada?

Unit 5

Real Estate

  • “Location Location Location”
  • Commercial and residential real estate, pricing and availability
  • Completing real estate transactions in Canada

Unit 6

Education System

  • Overview of education system in Canada
  • Elementary School, Secondary School, Post-Secondary School
  • Presentation by Conestoga College

Unit 7

Marketing and Communications

  • How to talk about your company “What do you do?”
  • Preparing a Strategic Communications Plan
  • Your elevator pitch
  • Why social media matters

Unit 8

Business Plan and Knowing Your Market

  • Key components of a plan
  • What investors want to see in your plan
  • Strategic planning for your organization
  • Market research and competition

Unit 9


  • Building a budget and best practices
  • Working through a one year budget and projections

Unit 10

Present Your Company

  • Let’s talk about it
  • Elevator Pitch Presentations
  • Working on an investment pitch deck
  • Media coaching – how to talk to a journalist about your company


 Workshops are delivered one on one to your company to ensure confidentiality

 Go in-depth and develop key elements unique to your business

 Go beyond theory – practical advice for your company

Workshop 1


  • Building your business plan
  • What are the unique characteristics of your business
  • What is the problem you are solving
  • What is the solution you are offering
  • Who is your market
  • Why are you better than your competitors
  • Internal use of business plan
  • External need for business plan

Workshop 2

Marketing and Communications

  • Specific requirements for your business in Canada
  • Establishing your objectives
  • Key messages
  • Choice of media
  • The role of opinion leaders in your strategy
  • Strategy into action

Workshop 3

Knowing Your Market and the Competition

  • Digging deep into your market
  • Understanding market segments
  • Your solution often defines your market
  • Will your market cover the cost of your solution plus
  • Where you fit in the competitive landscape
  • What differentiates your company from the competition?

Workshop 4


Create a budget for:

  • Your company
  • Your ideas
  • Budgets vs Forecasts
  • Top down, bottom up
  • Cash flow vs financial accounting

Workshop 5

Present Your Company

Create a pitch for:

  • Introducing your business
  • Investors 
  • Media
  • Customers

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